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Madrid, The NATO Sentinel Protecting The Skies Across Europe

With “initial operational capability” reached last July 1, the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) in NATO, located at the base of Madrid and led by a Spanish General, Ruben Garcia Servet. This general in the Air Force will have 185 soldiers under his command, of which 44 Spanish, and civilians, but for now the CAOC template has 95 personnel, who will deal with the air defense of an area that stretches from the Canary Islands to Turkey, and also in this country including Spain , Portugal , Italy , Greece, Slovenia , Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania , Hungary and Albania.

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KBR building Aegis base in Romania

The first U.S. land-based ballistic missile defense base in Europe is to be constructed in Romania by KBR. The construction contract to build the facility at Romania’s Deveselu Air Base was issued to the Texas-headquartered company by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District, and is worth $134 million. KBR said that under the contract it will re-locate a four-story radar deckhouse structure from the East Coast of the United States to Romania and build various facilities and infrastructure to support the Aegis Ashore weapons system.

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US to pay Spain 200 million to host missile shield

Spain and the US are expected to formalize an agreement in the coming weeks over the stationing of four destroyers at the naval base in Rota, Cádiz, for an initial period of over four years. The deal is worth 200 million euros to Spanish public company Navantia, which will be responsible for the maintenance of the four Arleigh Burke class vessels. The destroyers form part of the NATO missile defense shield and are equipped with Aegis combat systems capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

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Geopolitical Role For Romania

Currently the geopolitical picture of Central Eastern Europe is not fully drawn. Even membership of most countries of the region to NATO has not resulted in full understanding of the role and importance of these states in the geopolitical perspectives of Europe and Eurasia.

At the same time, as it was presumed earlier, these states, particularly Poland and Romania, are going to play a more important role in the arrangement of forces in the space spanning from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

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Dracula’s Missile Defense

Things are beginning to move on the Pentagon’s plan to build a ground-based missile-defense system in Romania to protect U.S. allies in southern Europe – as well as American troops in the region – from attack by Iranian missiles. The latest sign is this Pentagon solicitation seeking “100mb [megabyte] direct access with internet routable IP addresses for MDA [Missile Defense Agency] contractors onsite” at Romania’s Deveselu air base near Caracal. The U.S. anti-missile base will consist of 430 acres surrounded by base property, and be run by about 200 U.S. military and civilian personnel.

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Diplomatic Channels And Chess Pieces: Kremlin’s Strategic Interests In Romania

A number of recent developments have raised several important questions related to Romania’s position geostrategic game involved: Traian Basescu decided to thaw relations with Russia? If so, our initiative or movement suggested by the United States?If not, then what looked to Bucharest Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council? How will this visit extremely important main issues of contention: Moldova, missile shield, imported high gas prices? We change some parameters of our strategic partnership with the U.S.?

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Global Insight: Arab Spring revolutionaries grasp for role models

Eastern European states had clearer goals in their 1990s transitions, writes Tony Barber. So it is in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, two-and-a-half years after the eruption of the Arab Spring, and so it was just over 20 years ago in central and eastern Europe after the fall of communism. The differences between the two regions are, for the most part, more striking than the similarities. In one fundamental respect, however, they have something in common: a period of transition in which the struggle for a settled constitutional and political order and economic progress is long and hard-fought.

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Israeli expert says military coup possible in Turkey

The ongoing unrest in Turkey may lead to a new military coup in that country, Israeli political expert Avigdor Eskin told ArmInfo. The expert believes that Turkey is changing its image these days. Even if Prime Minister Erdogan manages to suppress the wave of protests, they will have a crucial role in the history for the former Ottoman Empire. “I witnessed the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, then the public unrest in Russia in 1991 and 1993. The scales are incomparable. Turkish dissidents managed to awaken the entire city.

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Cold War politics hang over EU shale gas revolution

The shale gas revolution has taken its time to arrive in Europe. But after years of watching the US plunge head-first into natural gas exploration and of reaping the rewards, Europe’s politicians are now deciding whether to join in.

The first major battleground for European natural gas exploration is likely to be in eastern Europe, where the prospect of greater energy security from Russia is a big issue. It is also possible to detect Cold War overtones to the approach taken by the US oil and gas industry and its government.

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Interesting: 3AF 9th Annual International Conference on Missile Defense

Thank you so much for inviting me to join you today. At the State Department, I am responsible for overseeing a wide range of defense policy issues, including missile defense policy. In this capacity, it was my responsibility and privilege to negotiate the details of the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) agreements with Poland, Romania, and Turkey that will enable the United States to implement the European Phased Adaptive Approach (or EPAA), the U.S. contribution to NATO missile defense.

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Countries pressed over CIA prisons


European Union member states accused of having hosted secret CIA jails in the wake of the 9/11 attacks should come clean on the issue, said a resolution approved Tuesday by the European Parliament.

The non-binding resolution targeted Lithuania, Poland and Romania in particular.

They were urged to shed more light on allegations that they had hosted secret prisons used by the US Central Intelligence Agency for its controversial rendition programme in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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ABM in Qatar: American way to control ‘excess of evil’


The US is planning to deploy an ABM system in Qatar. How will it influence the situation around Iran?

We have to understand, there are two dimensions of the problem. One dimension is that Americans have a far reaching, long term plan to have a global missile defense system as part of the system that they have already established. The same kind of facilities are in Japan. Now they are building them in Australia, in Turkey which is a part of the European missile defense. And auxiliary installations are on the territory of Romania. And of course such a sensitive area as Persian Gulf could not be avoided by Americans in terms of controlling the air space of the area where they have as they call “excess of evil”.

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US to station forces in Poland for first time

The Pentagon said yesterday it plans to send a U.S. air force detachment to Poland to support fighter jets and transport planes, marking the first time that U.S. soldiers have been stationed there. The announcement was made at the end of talks between US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his Polish counterpart Tomasz Siemoniak. The detachment “will arrive this fall to support quarterly F-16 and C-130 deployments beginning in 2013 and will be the first U.S. forces stationed on Polish soil,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said in a statement.

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Missile shield may spark China nuclear upgrade: officer

China may need to modernize its nuclear arsenal to respond to the destabilizing effect of a planned U.S.-backed missile defense system, a senior Chinese military officer said on Wednesday.

“It undermines the strategic stability,” said Major General Zhu Chenghu of China’s National Defense University about the U.S.-led development of a missile shield, which has also alarmed Russia.

“We have to maintain the credibility of deterrence,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of a panel discussion on nuclear disarmament, referring to the military doctrine that an enemy will be deterred from using atomic arms as long as he can be destroyed as a consequence.

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Romanian government toppled, Czechs face test too

Romania’s opposition torpedoed the center-right cabinet in a confidence vote on Friday, raising the prospect of months of political turmoil and questions over a belt-tightening campaign that has caused a wave of protests against IMF-backed reforms.

Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s two-month-old government is the latest in a string of austerity-minded ruling coalitions that have fallen across the European Union in disputes over spending cuts and tax hikes.

The defeat came ahead of another confidence vote, in the Czech Republic, whose budget-cutting cabinet is expected to survive but may find itself hamstrung by infighting among its scandal-plagued parties and widespread public anger over its policies.

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Russian media: Moscow could deploy radar station in Tiraspol, in response to U.S. shield in Europe

Thus, the Russian leadership would intend to pay particular attention to Transnistria. “Given the proximity region with a NATO country – Romania – already four NATO bases and processes related to the integration of Moldova in Romania is increasing, the Russian Federation intends to maintain its military presence in Transnistria, moreover, suggests Voronezh radar installation, “added the sources cited.

On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry has said independent military Publication editor, Viktor Litovnik, had no plans to conduct a Voronezh-DM radar station in Transnistria. Head of the Moscow military decided to build such stations exclusively in Russia – Leningrad regions (north), Kaliningrad (west), the Armavir (south) and Irkutsk (east).

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US Seeks Missile Shields For Asia, Mideast

The United States is seeking to build regional shields against ballistic missiles in both Asia and the Middle East akin to a controversial defense system in Europe, a senior Pentagon official disclosed on Monday.

The effort may complicate U.S. ties with Russia and China, both of which fear such defenses could harm their security even though the United States says they are designed only to protect against states like Iran and North Korea.

The U.S. push for new anti-missile bulwarks includes two sets of trilateral dialogues—one with Japan and Australia and the other with Japan and South Korea, said Madelyn Creedon, an assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs.

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Military exercises Agile Spirit 2012 start in Georgia

US Marines and soldiers from the Georgian 4th Infantry Brigade will participate in a combined military exercise called AGILE SPIRIT 2012 in the Vaziani Training Area from March 10 – 24. The focus of the exercise, which will involve more than 300 Marines from the Marine Corps’ Black Sea Rotational Force 12 based in Constanta, Romania, and the Georgian Armed Forces, is to increase interoperability between the forces and exchange and enhance each other’s capacity in counterinsurgency and peacekeeping operations, including small unit tactics, convoy operations, and counter-Improvised Explosive Device training.

AGILE SPIRIT has become an annual exercise and supplements other elements of our military partnership with Georgia, such as the Georgia Deployment Program, which is a US Marine Corps program that prepares Georgian Armed Forces to deploy to Afghanistan in support of the International Security Assistance Force.

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SE Turkey: Malatya radar system to be commanded from Ramstein

The NATO missile shiled program, whose radars were installed at the Kürecik Air Base in Malatya, southeastern Turkey, will be commanded from the Alliance’s Ramstein Air Base, according to U.S. Defense Minister Leon Panetta, who briefed journalists on the sidelines of the international security conference in Munich today.

Panetta reminded that in addition to the radar station in Turkey – which has greatly disturbed neighboring Iran – missiles will be stationed in Romania and Poland. Four U.S. ships capable of shooting down missiles will be stationed at Rota, Spain, he said.

The whole system will be managed from the Geilenkirchen base in Germany. Among the officers at this base will be a Turkish general and his team.

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What happens when a currency collapses: ask Bulgaria

According to the International Institute of Finance, inflation in Bulgaria hit 174.4 percent in 1996 and a record of 1,077.5 percent the next year. Its curency, the lev, went from 500 per US dollar in late 1996 to 2,200 per US dollar in February 1997.

Food shortages and a harsh winter drove people to despair, with mass rallies ultimately forcing out the post-Communist government largely blamed for the disastrous policies that led to the currency collapse.

“For the average people, it was just terrible. Nobody really understood what happened, the only thing we could see was that it all ended in disaster,” says Komneva.

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