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Russian Power-wielding Agencies to Evacuate Russians from Syria

Source: TW

Russian power-wielding agencies have drafted a plan to evacuate Russians from Syria. It will take them several days to evacuate almost 30,000 Russians by air and sea from the dangerous region, namely the staff-members of Russian agencies, those working in Syria under contract and those who married Syrian citizens.

Slightly over a thousand Russian nationals have officially applied to leave Syria.

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Damascus has been energetically working on a release of two abducted Russian nationals.

Victor Gorelov, Abdel Sattar Hassu, who also has Syrian citizenship, and their Italian colleague Mario Belluomo were kidnapped on December 17th near Homs, where they worked under contract.

The kidnappers have since demanded a ransom.

Russia mulls Syria evacuations

Russia’s ministries of emergencies, foreign affairs and defense have drawn up an evacuation plan for Russian nationals currently living, visiting or working in Syria.

Just over 1,000 of these people have so far officially applied to leave the war-torn country.

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