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European Strife: Spanish Warships Breach Gibraltar Waters Over Territorial Spat With British

Source: PANA

Even if Spain does not wish to recognise that Gibraltar waters are not Spanish, it is not normal for Spanish warships to enter such waters. That is what a Spanish report says by Europa Press agency.

Indeed, even in the days of General Franco when Spain was a dictatorship, the Franco government did not allow its warships to make incursions into Gibraltar waters.

Now, with a democratic government in Spain, they behave in a manner that not even Franco Spain did.

Furthermore, it is incredible that a country which is a member of NATO and an EU partner with Britain should act in such hostile fashion against Gibraltar – even sending warships!

It is NATO policy that if one member country is attacked, NATO is attacked. So, what are the Spaniards doing?
They have not resorted to a belligerent position, but many will ask where will all this end?

Everyone knows where it started. It started with a change of government in Spain which was prepared to put into practice all the threats they were making against Gibraltar even before they were elected in the last Spanish election.

The PP is more than Conservative, given the way they behave.
And back to the incursions. Because even if they do not want to recognise that the waters of Gibraltar are not Spanish, it is something else to confuse their fancy with fact!

If the Spanish government have the view they have all they need do is take the matter to an international court – and check if they are right.
They might find out that they are wrong, because the British position is backed by the UN conventon of the seas, which allots to all coastal territories up to 12 miles of territorial sea.

And Utrecht? In those dark ages such a thing did not exist. Any territory handed over in those dark days would automatically assume control of the waters adjacent to it, as Spain must know.

So, all that Spain is doing is trying to promote its claim to Gibraltar’s sovereignty, whether it is to do with fishing or with waters or with anything else.

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