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If Iran gets nuclear weapons, so will Turkey: Israeli Defense Minister

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Editor’s Note: Pakistan is working with Saudi Arabia and will work with Turkey to help them to develop nuclear arms in this age of strife. Pakistan and Turkey’s diplomatic relations go back to the Ottoman empire. There is no Arab nation that wants to be under the heel of the Western powers any longer. The Sykes–Picot Agreement that allowed the British and French to rule the Arab world is still in play for now. Look at the military actions of France in North Africa e.g. Libya and Mali. They aren’t willing to give up their hegemonic influence, careful moves are constantly made to keep the Arabs in check. So it is a must that those nations seek power by any means to unshackle themselves from their colonial masters. Nuclear power is the ultimate trump card. –Michael Vail

If Iran starts to build nuclear weapons Turkey would soon follow, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said during an interview with UK’s Telegraph.

“Saudi Arabia will turn nuclear within weeks – according to them. Turkey will turn nuclear in several years,” Barak was quoted as saying.

Egypt will follow as well, causing a “nightmare” as “nuclear material ends up in [the] hands of terrorist groups,” according to Barak.

Barak also said Israel had the right to act alone in any intervention in Iraq, even though America and Europe agreed sided with Israel on the nuclear capabilities of Iran.

“We all agree that the Iranians are determined to turn into a military nuclear power and we all share the declaration that we are determined to prevent Iran from turning nuclear and all options are on the table,” Barak told Telegraph.

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