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Ankara’s War Plans Ready: Armed forces prepared for worst case

Source: GR

The TSK [Turkish Armed Forces] has prepared its action plan in the event of war, the “worst case scenario.” According to this plan, which aims to use land, sea and air forces combined, 2nd Army will play an active role.

Amid the tensions with Syria it has been learnt that the TSK command echelons have prepared an action plan for war, the “worst case scenario.”

According to this plan, which factors in Syria’s means and capabilities, Russia’s presence in the region and the PKK, 2nd Army is going to play an active role. The plan includes risk analyses and aims to use land, air and naval forces together in any operation. The limits of the plan, which also envisages the use of Special Forces, will be determined by a government directive in the event of war. This directive will determine the desired political and military goals in the event of war as well as how far to advance and which regions will be kept under control.

The TSK is conducting many operations in the fight against terrorism and has all kinds of threat planning regarding its local neighbours. The TSK has plans concerning every kind of threat including Syria, Iran and Greece. It has been learnt that threat planning for Syria intensified after the increase in tensions and that risk analyses were revised given the shifting balances of power in parallel with the chaos within the country. The plan has reportedly been updated according to the latest intelligence on the Syrian army’s numbers and strength of arms.

Experienced Commanders

In the event of any operation against Syria the 2nd Army will play an active role, and it is commanded by four-star General Galip Mendi. General Galip Mendi, who has Special Forces experience, was appointed Commander 2nd Army by the YAS (Supreme Military Council) last August to replace General Servet Yoruk. In addition to Mendi, who received his fourth star this year, another name with plenty of experience was appointed to the Hatay border region, which is one of the most critical provinces facing any possible threat from Syria. Brigadier General hakan Atinc had been serving in Agri [Ararat] along the border with Armenia and has now been appointed Commander of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade in Hatay. In any operation both Gen Mendi and Brig Atinc will play critical roles. Another point of critical importance for the border with Syria is the Iskenderun Naval Base, which is now commanded by Rear Admiral Nejat Atilla, an experienced officer from the Aegean Command. Brigadier General [Air Commodore] Semih Kosucuoglu was made Commander 7th Main Jet Base Command in Malatya after previously serving as Chief of Pilot Operations for Air Force Command.

Military Build-up on Syrian Border

Once the Syria authorization bill was passed the TSK went to a high state of readiness on the border. At least 250 tanks are deployed along the border with the addition of 60 tanks sent in from Sanliurfa, Mardin and Gaziantep. The TSK has also reinforced its artillery units. Close to 55 F-16s have been sent to the air bases in Diyarbakir and Malatya-Erhac from five other bases. As part of this, reinforcements have reportedly been sent from the Golcuk and Erdek naval bases, which belong to Naval Command, and from other commands subordinate to Northern Coastal Command to bases belonging to Southern Coastal Command, which is responsible for the Aegean and the Mediterranean and which provides logistic and coastal support for warships. Stinger missiles have been deployed to the region, which Chief of the General Staff General Necdet Ozel is inspecting along with his force commanders. The Stinger is a man-portable, shoulder-fired weapon that homes in on the target’s infrared or ultraviolet light.

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