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“Sounds of Cannons” Warning on South China Sea Dispute

S ource: NTDTV

 On Tuesday, a Chinese national newspaper, The Global Times, published a controversial editorial. It warns the countries involved in the South China Sea dispute to “mentally prepare for the sounds of cannons.”

The Global Times is published by the People’s Daily—the voice of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

The newspaper editorial criticizes Vietnam and the Philippines for advancing their own interests and exploiting the Chinese regime’s “mild diplomatic stance” over the South China Sea claims. It also states the Chinese military would resort to action if the Asian neighbors do not change their stance over the sea claims.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu dismissed the editorial, saying it does not represent the Chinese regime’s position.

Two weeks ago, Chinese leaders signed a six-point agreement with Vietnamese authorities for a peaceful resolution to the sea dispute.

In June, the Chinese regime’s aggression in the South China Sea intensified the long-standing territorial claims. Vietnamese authorities complained about Chinese vessels stopping their vessels from conducting oil and gas exploration in the Sea. The Chinese regime denied these allegations, warning Vietnam not to provoke them. It then suggested mutual exploration of resources.

The South China Sea is along major global shipping routes. It’s believed to hold huge oil and gas reserves—and is also a fertile fishing zone. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei all stake claims on the Spratly Islands, other islands, and portions of the sea—with China staking the largest claim.

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