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Brazil Intelligence Agency Monitors Social Networks To Thwart Unrest

Source: Immasera

The Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) began to monitor social networking sites on 700 subjects, defined by the agency, in order to keep the government informed about demonstrations and organized movements in the country.

Abin is not the first intelligence agency in the world to create a system of monitoring Internet networks.

According to information from Brazilian media, the initiative came after the security agencies of the country failed to alert President Dilma Rousseff about the protests that resulted in violent scenes around Brazil, including the invasion of Congress.

Thus, to prevent any future unpredicted aggressions Abin created a monitoring system called Mosaic, which filters the posts on community networks.

Last week, Abin tracked plans for demonstrations in front of the Presidential Palace.  As a result, protective bars have been installed to secure the facilities.

The follow-up, according to sources of the Agency, is not intended to spy on mobilization of protesters or their organizers.  This move aims “to support the executive in matters of security, especially with the proximity of major international events that the country will organize,” say Abin officials.

Abin concentrates on social movements that are organized through community networks on the Internet as a way “to point out ways available for the government to interact with demonstrators,” suggests Abin.

According to a source at the Agency, “it is not a traditional intelligence operation.”

“It is rather a tool of the many available to the government in order to gain clarity on these events,” claims the same source.

In the last days of demonstrations, for example, says the source, “it was difficult to identify the claims and know exactly what was causing so many people to protest.”

“The clarification of these issues as quickly as possible,” the source adds, “makes it easier to interact with protests against the government.”


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