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EU deploys black arts to stifle democratic rights

Source: UKE

When it is the European Parliament using taxpayers’ money to fund such an unscrupulous assault on democratic freedom we should be doubly worried.

By trawling the internet so they can stamp on the opinions of those who disagree with the EU’s masterplan, supposedly neutral civil servants will become willing participants in a disgraceful and self-serving exercise of naked political power to pervert the expression of free will in next year’s European elections.

As secret documents seen by the Daily Express spell out, the trolls of Brussels will target countries where there has been “a surge in Euroscepticism”.

Or to put it more simply: Britain. The aim will be to convince us the answer is not less Europe but more Europe. Your opinion counts for nothing. They will try to brainwash you with scare stories and when that doesn’t work the tactics will become dirtier and more threatening.

Already that master of the political con, Tony Blair, is warning of a “huge problem” if Britain leaves the EU. A problem for whom exactly? For him of course because he wants to be President of Europe.

And a problem for Brussels, as it would signal the possible collapse of its whole house of cards if other countries put their people’s wishes ahead of the greed and egos of politicians.


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