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About Michael Vail:

Michael Vail, a political-science analyst, communications and security consultant found through close friends that he had a unique personality which fit perfectly in communications. Ever the constant student he started a talk radio career to share his insights with others in the world. Michael Vail has interviewed leaders and experts of every field such as Alvin Toffler, Thomas P.M. Barnett, Joseph S. Nye Jr., Hazel Henderson, John Perkins, James Bamford, Parag Khanna, Peter Singer, Charles Ostman, and countless others during his tenure as a syndicated radio host.

Dear Friends and Visitors: 

StratRisks aims to give you zero hour cutting edge news and analysis from around the world. We will help you think strategically and monitor the social, economic and political risks that affect us all. We will give you the best forecasts from Texas to Timbuktu.

Thank you for your interest in StratRisks,

Michael Vail

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